Benefits of Capoeira for your children


By training Capoeira, children can enjoy a wide range of benefits of this truly Brazilian art form: 

  • Practising a physical activity that merges elements of martial arts cultural together with cultural and musical elements, an art form that incorporates multiple art forms itself. 

  • Improving technique, strength, motor coordination, static and dynamic balance as well as doing a great exercise for the cardiovascular system. 

  • Learning to respect rules and diversity and values as competitiveness, solidarity, civic sense, lucidity. Capoeira is a martial art that will help them shaping both their mental and physical disposition. 

  • Developing self-confidence and social integration skills.

There is no barriers to Capoeira practice for children. 



Our school program has been performing successfully in Canberra ACT since 2009.
Between 2009 and 2014 we have been running classes in both private and public schools in Canberra and Queanbeyan NSW as part of the Australian Government's Active After School Program (Sports Commission).

When the government program ended in 2014,  we continued to offer Capoeira classes in schools in Canberra and currently work with Telopea Park school, one of the references for public and by-lingual schools. Here we run capoeira classes for primary and preschool year with the mission to offer a playful, multicultural, alternative and transformative activity capable to contribute to children development through historical context, movements and musicality. 



Combine your training with mobility, functional exercises and one Art Form

(Capoeira, Boxe or Self defence) also music and instruments private lessons are available.

In this one-on-one private class, Rodrigo Carneiro will assess your skills and weakness and tailor the class to your specific needs



Adults class aims to develop strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, self-defence, rhythm and musical skill, as well as focus and discipline.

Students will also develop Portuguese language skills while learning greetings Capoeira songs and Capoeira movements.